Okay, here’s my second comment on rosaries that turn to gold. And here is another photo of the rosary that so impressed me.

Comparison photo of the changed rosary to my newly bought rosary

Comparison photo of the changed rosary to my newly bought rosary

After our first journey and the magnificent changes in other people’s rosaries, I began a personal investigation to find out if this kind of thing was happening all over town. I asked everywhere and anyone I met. My newfound mission and I became obnoxious. I spent my days wondering how rosaries could possibly turn to gold and what might cause that kind of change. I became obsessed with the outward phenomena.

Then I decided I wanted my own rosary to change to gold. (See my newly purchased silver rosary next to Elena’s family rosary that changed in Medjugorje from silver to a golden color.) I had bought one at the shop by this time, even though I didn’t know how to use it, nor did it mean much to me. Not being raised Catholic; it wasn’t something I thought I actually needed.

In the beginning, it was a trapping that I became fixated on. One day, someone said to me that the golden rosaries were an outer manifestation of what was occurring in a person’s heart.  Sort of outer meets inner. After that, I became less obsessed with finding rosaries and less impatient for my own to change. Slowly I matured and moved toward focusing on the internal gifts I was receiving.

Chasing rosaries and phenomena doesn’t entice me like it once did. Finally, over time, I have settled down into a routine of practice and prayer. I am no longer a person impatient for visible results.