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BIO PHOTO NEW PLEASE USE THIIS-smallI received my M.A. in Religious Studies from John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California. My early career led to life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and into a world of exotic travel and hidden places. Extensive experiences abroad enabled me to study various cultures and religions first hand. I feel my research and unique situation gives my works a totally fresh perspective and makes a contribution to religious inquiry. My hope is to make this subject matter easy to read. I have tried to weave psychology,¬†spirituality, religion and dream interpretation into an experiential encounter. I find joy in spiritual journeys and this culminated in writing both, The Light: A Modern Day Journey for Peace and A Mother Goddess for Our Times: Mary’s Appearances at Medjugorje. After our daughter was born it seemed natural that Gabrielle would express herself as well, resulting in, Gabrielle’s Magical Pets. I am currently working on another book entitled: Health Secrets.

Each of us wants to contribute to the world in a positive way. Writing books is one format that worked for me. I think most authors might say that about themselves. Since spirituality is my interest, I enjoy telling stories about my experiences from a personal perspective. In addition to marriage and having a child, writing has been a perfect complement to my life.


What about your personal life?

I am currently living in Thailand with my husband, our daughter, and our cat and dog. I earnestly began to pursue the publishing and marketing venue after moving here as the timing was right. I’ve worn many hats; writer, dental hygienist, mother, wife and elementary school aide. I love to travel and I love to learn. I love God.TheLight_cover_v9.indd

What is your best quality?

I guess I would have to say I don’t easily give up. Writing, publishing and marketing have been my mountain. Perseverance has gotten me into the world. My books are the inner part of me that finally everyone can see and hopefully use to their benefit.

Do you have goals concerning your books?

9780986301551_cov.inddMy hope is to promote religious tolerance and freedom. I would like to see humanity liberated from an overly defined view of God. With that in mind, I would love it to reach all who yearn for religious peace. And my wish is for us to know each others religion from a deeper perspective. There is a tangible link between religions that can be taught, quantified, seen and felt. Spirituality shouldn’t be inaccessible nor should secret knowledge be forever hidden. I sought and found a common denominator between¬†religions. It is my hope that we learn to see each other more clearly.

Tell me more about Gabrielle’s Magical Pets.

Gabrielle’s Magical Pets came about by chance. One day as I was sorting my daughter’s early art, trying to decide what to do with it, a thought came to me, “This is so beautiful and a shame to put it away somewhere out of sight.” As I looked more deeply at the images, I felt there was a story being told. Thus, her book was born.

And you’re working on a fourth book?

Yes! It’s tentatively titled, Health Secrets. Once again it’s another book based on personal experience and is meant to help others hone in on what works to make our bodies and minds strong. I hope it will help others.

How long did it take you to write your books?

My whole life. Honestly. The Light has been a lifetime process fostered by personal dreams and travel. A Mother Goddess for Our Times was quicker, say six years and far less for Gabrielle’s Magical Pets and Health Secrets. Yet, it’s not so simple as giving time in years. For me, book writing comes out of the accumulation of experience.

Why do you write?

I believe I can contribute to people’s spiritual well-being. I also hope to connect with others who yearn to see things differently and who are also looking for new realities within set structures. I personally like meaty books where I can learn something. The challenge was making the mundane palatable.

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